The Villarreal Law Firm, a Team of Harlingen Personal Injury Lawyers, Announces New Trucking Accident Website

January 20, 2022 – Brownsville Texas. The Villarreal Law Firm, a top-rated team of personal injury attorneys for Hidalgo County, is proud to announce a new microwebsite focused on Texas trucking accidents, injuries, and related issues. Searchers for either English or Spanish will be well-pleased with the new website, focused on accident attorney information for trucking injury residents as well as the Spanish equivalent of ‘abogado de accidente de camion.’

Texas trucking accident lawyer - abogado de accidente de camionThe newly updated website explains that unexpected truck accidents can occur at any time in Texas, and then argues that it could be crucial to know of an team of best-in-class Texas personal accident lawyers ready to help when the time arrives.

“The Valley International Airport ( in nearby Harlingen, Texas, for example, is a bustling place and contributes to the amount of traffic on nearby highways. People flying in can be Harlingen residents or just visitors, which can be a dangerous mix on a busy Texas highway,” explained accident attorney Javier Villarreal, a managing partner at the law firm. “Our newly updated website helps injury victims who have been accident victims in Texas to identify a potential best-in-class accident lawyer that serves the community. The fact that our entire staff speaks Spanish is also a plus, since those who are searching for an ‘abogado de accidente de camion’ will be relieved when a voice answers them in Spanish.”

Texas residents can review the newly updated website online. The proliferation of car wrecks on highways in and around Texas could be a problem for both visitors and local residents. If a car crash occurs, the next step can be to contact some of the best trucking accident lawyers in the Lone Star State. Victims from car crashes, 18-wheeler accidents, and motorcycle accidents can recover quickly with the help of a top trucking accident lawyer. 


Here is the background on this release. Texas can be considered a family-oriented state. Large neighborhoods, parks, and schools contribute to the family-friendly vibe. Relatives from outside Texas might plan to visit grandchildren and siblings by flying in. To use a South Texas example, the Valley International Airport ( connects visiting family members to an anticipated destination. If a visitor is unfamiliar with the local highways, however, an unexpected car accident might happen.

A car wreck can end up in unplanned medical bills and personal suffering. It might be essential to know of a team of trucking accident lawyers to make things right again. For these reasons, Villarreal Law Firm is excited to announce newly updated content on Texas and the rights of injury victims after a trucking accident lawyer.

Local residents driving from the airport after picking up loved ones could experience an unexpected car accident. Visitors unfamiliar with the Texas roads might make a wrong turn and end up in a car wreck. A top team of professional accident lawyers can help Texans recover, receive quick compensation and get back to important family matters. Indeed, those searching for an ‘abogado de accidente de camion’ can avail themselves of a fully bilingual staff as well.


The law firm of Javier Villarreal offers a team of attorneys, considered among the best personal injury attorneys in Texas. Whether a person is looking for an auto or car accident attorney, a lawyer with broad experience in trucking accidents and litigation (including 18 wheelers), or a motorcycle accident attorney, boating, or other forms of accidents (including slip and fall), the Villarreal team of attorneys can help. The attorneys fight for client rights throughout Texas – and are known as the top personal injury lawyers in Texas.

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